History Through Street Names


“I strive to link your ordinary experience – what you see, hear and feel – with the history and culture of New York.”

Peter Laskowich: Historian, Lecturer and Guide

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History Through Street Names

Street names tell who we are

Symbols explain us to ourselves. More than mere labels, street names are also symbols that reflect values as well as personalities and events. What traits do we honor and admire? How do such choices affect our decisions today?

As often in New York a rich vein of answers may be found Downtown, oldest part of the city, nerve center of American commerce and treasure chest for seekers of U.S. history everywhere.

Compelling natural beauty… a long-gone national rivalry… a wilderness populated by bears, elk and wolves… a shoreline now several blocks from the water… courage, resolve, and ingenuity…. Street names are symbols that offer not only orientation but direction and purpose.

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